The Holt Group will make sure every step of the process, from the day the seller signs the contract to the day the transaction is complete, is entirely clear. Timely use of consultants, substantial investments, and transparent, open communication are all part of our proven six-step development process. 

Our Six-Step Development Process

Step 1

Due Diligence Period: 1 – 120 Days

We confirm that our development plan meets the jurisdictional regulations on the property, identify any issues related to the development plan, quantify any costs related to those issues as well as general planning and development costs, and outline a strategy for overcoming any obstacles to the approval of the development plan.

Step 2

Preliminary Application: 90 – 120 Days

We prepare the preliminary plat application, including the proposed project layout and impact reports such as transportation, geotechnical, stormwater infiltration, wetland, and habitat overlays. 

Step 3

Application Complete: 30 Days

The jurisdiction overseeing the development application has up to 30 days to deem the submittal complete. If the application is deemed incomplete, Holt has an additional 30 days to provide any additional required information to be considered complete. 

Step 4

Jurisdiction Review: Up to 120 Days

Next, the jurisdiction has up to 120 days for review and findings of approval or conditions or approval. 

Step 5

Engineering Prepared: 60- 90 Days

After receiving the conditions of approval, Holt prepares the construction plans. If the project has multiple phases, the construction documents related to the earlier phases will be completed first, and those related to later phases may be completed at a date near the construction of each phase. When the first draft of the final engineering plans is complete, the Holt engineer submits them to the jurisdiction for review. 

Step 6

Final Jurisdiction Review: 30 – 60 Days

The jurisdiction forwards construction plans to various departments for review and comments. Those comments are returned to the Holt engineer, who will complete any necessary revisions and prepare for site construction.

At that point, the six-step process is complete and permitted and site construction begins.