Hawthorne Acres

vancouver, WA

Property Type: Residential
Sales Status: Not Available

Hawthorne Acres, is located in Vancouver, WA. It consists of 44 single family detached lots, ranging in size from 6,000 to 9,000 sq. ft., as well as an existing home. The development has convenient access to I-5 and is within a 20 minute drive to Downtown Portland. The combination of large lots with close proximity to I-5 has drawn strong demand from prospective home buyers. Vancouver residents are able to take advantage of property tax rates which are substantially lower than Portland's Multnomah County. The large flat topography lots, combined with pent up demand from the housing market and lot shortage, make Hawthorne Acres a good investment for a homebuilder looking for a quick turnaround.

Additional nearby amenities include:

  • Walking distance to West Minnehaha Neighborhood Park, Ross Dog Park, and Arnold Park
  • Walking distance to Minnehaha Elementary
  • 2 miles from Cinetopia Vancouver Mall 23