Nathan’s Glen

Tulare, CA

Property Type: Residential
Sales Status: Not Available

Nathan's Glen includes 71 finished lots that range between 3,800 to 5,000 sq. ft. in Port Orchard, WA. Port Orchard is located on the west side of the Puget Sound, outside the greater Seattle Metro area. Nathan's Glen is a 15 minute drive followed by a 40 minute ferry ride away from Downtown Seattle, and a 30 minute drive south to Tacoma. The area offers a pricing advantage over the immediately surrounding Seattle neighborhoods. The steady employment of the Naval base and the lack of available finished lots will provide a builder with a quick turn around on investments as the lots are finished and permit ready.

Additional nearby amenities include:

  • Walking distance from East Port Orchard Elementary
  • Nearby South Kitsap High School
  • Just over a mile away from Regal Cinemas South Sound Cinema